We stop players on your server from cheating

Matrix anticheat protects your server from cheaters

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We are experienced anti-cheat developers

Matrix has powerful and comprehensive checks. It can check almost all cheats that can affect the fairness of the server, such as KillAura or Speed, all of which are done automatically. You can also customize many parameters in the configuration file, or customize the penalty command.

Highly Customizable

Fast Support | Keep updateing

Powerful Checks

Start using Matrix AntiCheat

Matrix provides different versions for different users, you can choose according to your needs


For all servers

  • 95% Checks
  • Detects Baritone Mod
  • Fast/Strong Support
  • Optimized Configuration File
  • No limit to online player's
  • Max 3 dedicated servers


Suitable for large-scale server use

  • All features in Premium version
  • More Scaffold/KillAura Check
  • Unlimited amount of dedicated servers
  • Customize features for your server
  • Highest priority technical support


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only one

  • Complete Matrix Ownership Transfer
  • Development guidance