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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the project.

How does it compare to [XXX] Anti-Cheat?

Sorry, it's hard for me to answer this question for a number of reasons. But you can go to the home page to learn about the features of Matrix.

Can it detect bedrock players?

No, it can't. Matrix just ignores bedrock players.

Why? Because bedrock version is very different from java version, supporting it means a lot of work, like maintaining a separate codebase, and it's not worth it.

Can it detect xray?

No, it can't. Use Paper for it, it's more efficient.

Is it async?

No, it's not. Matrix is not async, part of the checks are async, but the movement check is not. This makes Matrix reuse the Bukkit API as much as possible, and it's easier to maintain.

Also, don't worry about the performance, Matrix is very efficient and can handle a lot of players.

Can I get a refund?

You cannot get a refund unless for the following reasons:

  • Matrix is not working on your server:
    • You are using a modded server software, like Thermos, KCauldron, etc.
    • You are running an unsupported version, like 1.7.10.

Note that you only get a refund in the first 72 hours after purchase. After that, you can't get a refund anymore.

Can I get a free license?

No, you can't. Matrix is not free, and it's not open source. You have to pay for it. But you can get a trial version with limited features on the web panel.

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