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Matrix is a powerful anti-cheat solution for Minecraft, it can detect a wide range of cheats and hacks.

Detected Cheats


Please note that Matrix is a broad anti-cheat system, it can detect more than the above checks, because a check can usually block similar types of cheats broadly


At the same time, the cheats listed above do not necessarily prevent them completely, because each client's cheats may be slightly different, and they are constantly evolving, and some cheats are close to real people and almost undetectable. But we guarantee that Matrix will be constantly updated to stop them.

  • Combat
    • KillAura/Aimbot/AimAssist
    • Hitbox/Reach
    • AutoClicker
    • Criticals
    • Anti Knockback
    • Auto Tap/Super Knockback
    • Auto Block
  • Movement
    • Speed/Fly
    • LongJump/HighJump/Step/Jetpack
    • Jesus/WaterWalk
    • BoatFly/BoatSpeed/EntitySpeed/EntityFly
    • ElytraFly/ElytraBoost
    • Riptide Boost
    • Anti Levitation
    • Phase
  • Player
    • NoFall
    • Timer
  • Delay
    • Fast Bow
    • Fast Eat/Use
    • Fast Place
    • Fast Break
    • Fast Inventory
  • World
    • Scaffold
    • Tower
  • Other
    • Baritone
    • Freecam

Supported Versions

  • 1.8.8 (v1_8_R3) LTS
  • 1.12.2 (v1_12_R1) LTS
  • 1.13.x Deprecated
  • 1.14.x Deprecated
  • 1.15.x Deprecated
  • 1.16.x
  • 1.17.x
  • 1.18.x
  • 1.19.x
  • 1.20.x


  • LTS means that we will continue to update the plugin to support this version of Minecraft
  • Depcated means that we might drop support for this version of Minecraft in the future.

Supported Servers

  • Spigot
  • Paper Recommended
  • Purpur
  • Folia


We recommend using Paper, because it is the most optimized server software, and it is also the most popular server software.


Though we also support Spigot and Purpur, and other server softwares, we do not guarantee that they will work properly.


Matrix does not support Modded servers, such as Forge, Fabric, etc.

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