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GeyserMC Support

Matrix supports GeyserMC, it can determine whether the player is a Bedrock Edition player, and does not detect whether they are cheating

Install GeyserMC

GeyserMC supports 3 installation methods:

  • Standalone Mode (✔)

Standalone Mode means that the GeyserMC is running as a standalone software, it is not running on BungeeCord/Velocity/Spigot

  • BungeeCord/Velocity Mode (✔)

BungeeCord/Velocity Mode means that the GeyserMC is running on BungeeCord/Velocity

  • Spigot Mode (✔)

Spigot Mode means that the GeyserMC is running on Spigot/Paper/other Spigot forks

Standalone Mode

When you run GeyserMC at standalone mode, you need to install Floodgate in every Spigot server.

BungeeCord/Velocity Mode

  1. Put GeyserMC on your BungeeCord/Velocity's plugins folder
  2. Put Matrix jar into your BungeeCord/Velocity's plugins folder
  3. On the Spigot side, you need to open Matrix's config.yml and set bungee_geysermc_support to true


Don't set bungee_geysermc_support to true if you are not installing GeyserMC & Matrix on BungeeCord/Velocity, it will cause hackers to fake their client to Bedrock Edition and bypass Matrix's checks

Spigot Mode

You just need to install GeyserMC and Matrix, No need to modify any settings, Matrix can automatically detect Bedrock Edition players

Other Questions

1. What is "Velocity"?
Velocity is a next-generation Minecraft proxy focused on scalability and flexibility. It allows server owners to link together multiple Minecraft servers so they may appear as one.

2. Why can’t I find the option bungee_geysermc_support in Matrix’s config.yml?
Your config.yml was outdated, please delete it and regenerate it

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