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If you are new to anti-cheat, then you may need to understand the following concepts


In Matrix, there are many checks, each checking for a specific cheat. For example, the Move check is responsible for checking whether the player is moving properly, which can prevent cheating for speed, flight and other movement types. According to the type of cheating, Matrix divides the following inspection types:

  • KillAura: Detect whether the player uses KillAura/AimBot and other combat cheating
  • Click: Prevent players from clicking too fast, or using AutoClicker to attack other entities
  • HitBox: Check whether the player can normally attack the opponent's HitBox, it prevent players using Reach or HitBox
  • Move: Check if the player's movement is normal (Very Important)
  • BadPackets: Check if the player has sent too many packets or abnormal packets
  • Delay: Check if the player has accelerated certain actions, such as FastEat
  • Block: Check if the player destroys or places the block properly
  • Scaffold: Check if the player is using Scaffold/Tower cheating
  • Velocity: Check if the player received the server velocity(knockback) normally
  • Chat: Simply prevent spamming
  • Interact: Check if the player's interaction with the entity or block is normal
  • Phase: Check if the player is trying to move into the block
  • AutoBot: Check if the player is playing the game with an automated robot Mod
  • Elytra: Check if the player moves normally when using elytra in (1.9+)
  • Vehicle: Check if the player moves normally when using the vehicle (1.9+)


I don't guarantee this list is accurate, it may change with anti-cheat updates, but here I just introduce you to the basic concepts, so they are not important

However, the concept of "checking" is very broad. For example, Move checks prevent players from doing move type cheats, but inside the anti-cheat they are actually made of smaller modules and components. For example, there may be a vertical module under Move, which is mainly responsible for whether the player's movement in the vertical direction is reasonable. There may also be a horizontal module, which is mainly responsible for whether

All in all, their relationship shows folders, Checks > Modules >= Components.

But please note that module and component are mostly the same concept in Matrix, such as move.vert. But please note that "module" and "component" are mostly the same concept in Matrix, such as "move.vert". Here "move" is check, "vert" is module or component.

In rare cases, there may be multiple components below a module, in which case the module is the parent of the component, e.g. ka.flaw.a, where ka is the check, flaw is the module, a is the component.

Violation Level (VL)

VL stands for "Violation Level". This is a system used by anti-cheat plugins to measure the severity of a player's suspected cheating. When a player performs an action that the anti-cheat system deems suspicious, their VL increases. If a player's VL reaches a certain threshold, the system may take action such as kicking the player from the game or banning them. The exact threshold and consequences can be configured by the server administrator.

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